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Unlocking our collective potential.

My vision is a world in which everyone is able to live, grow, and contribute to their potential.  This means people have the tools, access, courage, and support to define and achieve their most meaningful goals individually, and collectively.


Why is this important?


Leading and navigating change can be terrifying, frustrating, and overwhelming. It's easy, and understandable, to accept the status quo. Yet when we choose to step into trying to be the best versions of our selves - at the individual or organizational level, we gain the fulfillment and joy that can only come from being in that process - growing pains, and all. Better yet, our clients and communities benefit more when we are at our best. 

How do I do this? 

Coaching - I coach people to step into their best selves, make powerful decisions, and achieve new levels of growth and impact. 

Consulting - I help organizational leaders and teams move from where they are to where they want to be. I draw from and apply a broad and diverse set of tools, expertise, and approaches because every organization and team is unique. Just a few of the types of work I do include leadership coaching, strategic planning, facilitating retreats, team building, leadership development, mindfulness, and training on topics ranging from Diversity and Inclusion to Change Management.

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