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Areas of Expertise

Organization Development and Change

 - Planning and guiding change projects ranging from restructuring to culture change. 

Group Dynamics and Team Effectiveness

 - Strengthening team performance with a focus on trust, open communication, and clarity on goals, roles, and processes. 

Leadership Development

 - Individual coaching and team or cohort-based training to strengthen leadership impact and resilience.

Culture Change & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) 

 - Develop tailored organizational strategies and initiatives to advance the level of equity and inclusion needed for people to thrive and for the organization to achieve greatest impact.

Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

 - Leveraging emotional intelligence (EQ) and mindfulness as foundational skills for individuals and teams to align their behaviors to their values, increase their impact, and reduce stress and tension. 

Approaches and tools include:
Appreciative Inquiry
- Action Research

- Coaching skills

- Design Thinking

- Polarity Thinking

- Assessments such as EQ 2.0, MBTI, StrengthsFinders, and DiSC. 

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