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What can I work on in coaching?

Typically, you as the coachee set the desired goals you want to achieve in coaching. This could be related to a leadership goal you have if you are in a development program in your organization.  Some of the common things I have worked on with clients include developing leadership skills as they move up in an organization, finding their authentic leadership style, and navigating complex organizational or group dynamics. 

What is the cost? 

This varies based on your organizational budget and number of sessions. Contact me to discuss costs: here.

How many sessions are included?

Four to eight sessions are common. We typically establish that in the initial call based on what type of support you are looking for and your goals and budget.


What is the format?

Phone or video (using Zoom). 

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

In general, therapy can provide support for challenges you experience with an emphasis on your past, your family system, and how you are making meaning of and processing your past.

Coaching typically focuses on your present, and how to achieve your desired future. There are times where a coach may ask you to consider working with a therapist if there is a part of your past you may benefit from processing more.  

Can I try it without committing?

Yes. Fill out the Coaching Form to schedule a brief introductory call.

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