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What if a speech or presentation provided you with the insights, tools, and inspiration to help you unlock your potential?


I have spoken and presented at events for multinational companies, colleges, and community-based groups. I try to tailor speeches to your audience's needs and conference theme. A few common topics, as well as recent events, are listed below.

Common topics:

  • Leading and navigating change

  • Finding personal purpose

  • Mindfulness

  • Systems thinking

  • Cultural change


Recent presentations:

  • Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network - New Practitioners Community of Practice, "Aspects of Life: Identify and Exploring What is Most Important in Life."

  • Character Education Partnership - Annual Conference, “Leading Systems Change."

  • Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network - Annual Conference, “Sustainability vs. Impermanence: A Buddhist Perspective.”

  • University of Maryland, Higher Education Leadership Course – Guest Lecture, “Understanding and Managing Dysfunctions in Groups.”

  •  Maryland Character Education - Annual Conference, “Leading Change in Character Education.”

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