Tip Fallon, Principal

Tip Fallon is a coach and consultant who is passionate about working with people to reach their potential. He brings over 15 years of change leadership experience and a background in business and engineering, nonprofit management, and a decade of coaching and consulting to clients in US-based and global organizations. He integrates both a strategic and analytical approach to solving problems with a human-centered focus, tending to people's motivations, group dynamics, and organizational culture. 

Tip is both a systems-thinker and a technician of executing change. He helps clients see the big picture, balance competing demands, and craft innovative strategies to reach their goals. He helps clients to actualize their change goals by putting in place the necessary supports for change - whether that is individual behavioral change, organizational structure change, or creating new norms and culture in a group. 

Tip is also a passionate advocate for improving the OD and DEI fields. He teaches in OD and DEI programs at American University and Georgetown University, respectively, and convenes nation-wide groups of practitioners in both fields to collaborate and advance their practitioner skills. He also serves as an executive committee member on the board of the NTL Institute. 

He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, an M.S. in Organization Development, and is a Certified Professional Diversity Coach.

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Our Team

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