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What I Do & With Whom

My work takes many forms, as each team and organization is unique. Described below are a few examples of how projects have consisted of and the approaches taken. What makes working with me effective is I meet you and your organization where you are and we collaboratively develop the best approach to meet your goals. 


Team building:

My general approach to team building is to hear from the people on the team directly what the issues are and where opportunities lie. Then we work together to develop a tailored approach which may include sub-group meetings, coaching, and full team retreats.  



Organizational Change: / Org Design

These refer to a change in the structure of the organization, which can consist of departments being combined, created, or absorbed in other parts of the organization. I have worked both with leaders to design structural changes and helped organizations to implement the complex and difficult task of managing the change. These can last from a few months to two years.

Coaching: See my coaching page.


In conjunction to the consulting areas described below, coaching is often a part of the process. 








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