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I provide coaching for private clients and individuals in organizations. 

As a result of coaching, participants usually experience increased:

1. Clarity on how to move forward

2. Progress towards important goals

3. Self-confidence

4. Authenticity in their decisions

5. Optimism towards their challenges

Coaching is powerful because it is purely client-centered. You set the agenda and goals. It is a confidential space to ask questions or name hopes that are difficult to talk about in other settings. I believe people have the answers inside them. My job as a coach is to listen deeply, invite you to gain clarity on what barriers stand in your way, find the wisest choices that serve your goals, and serve as a point of accountability for you. 

I am a Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC) and through an ICF-accredited training program. 

Here is a short TED talk about the power of coaching. 

See: FAQs about coaching

Interested? Contact me for a trial coaching session.

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