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I provide coaching for private clients and leaders in organizations. 

Participants usually experience increased:

1. Clarity and Optimism to move forward

2. Progress towards their goals

3. Self-confidence & Authenticity


In coaching, you receive unconditional support and a safe space to work on your goals and personal and professional development. 

You set the agenda for what you want to work on. 

Some areas people work on include gaining clarity about career/life choices, developing as a leader, and navigating organizational change and group dynamics.


Sessions are conducted virtually about once every 3 weeks, with actions or homework in between. 


Two levels of coaching: External work and Internal work

We typically will work on two levels.

1) External work

Focuses on external behaviors and actions to reach your goals. This includes analyzing your options, developing new strategies, and assessing progress. 

2) Internal work

Focuses on clarifying and connecting to your values, developing your authentic voice, and identifying the deeper level of personal growth for you to reach your potential. 

My philosophy to coaching

My primary job is to provide tools, guidance, space, and listening for you to explore your current reality, envision what success looks like, and challenge yourself to new behaviors to find more authenticity and progress towards your goals. 

More information: 

To schedule an introductory session: Contact me 

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