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I often ask clients, "What is your why?" That is, what is this about at the end of the day for you? What drives you?

Often, we get stuck around the what and how of our work - exactly what process we should be using, who should be doing what, or how to do it. Getting clear on our collective why first can help us clarify our thinking and be more creative when it comes to the what and the how. 

Here is a little about my why for this work. 

My why is about both the transformation for clients and about doing right by the many people who are impacted by the decisions we make and the cultures we create in our organizations.

The work of learning and growing as an individual, navigating leadership challenges in organizations, and aspiring to drive change that people may resist can be simultaneously rewarding and isolating and frustrating.

My why is about doing the best work possible to achieve our programmatic and organizational ambitions, and create a reality in which we feel aligned, authentic, and in a state of flow at work in our workplace culture.

Realizing our collective potential requires tending to growth at the individual level, team and group level, and structural and organizational levels. All three of these are integrated and the better we address and align each of them the better we do in organizations and the world at large. 

What is your why? Contact me to start a conversation if I can be of service in helping you realize it.


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